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Hey Babylon 5 fandom,

You know how the Admin of the Geekiary has a strong obsession with Babylon 5 and will fit it into any poll they put on?  Well she’s done it again! This time Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters are up for favorite femslash couple!  After our last extraordinarily popular shipping poll we got requests to do a femslash/lesbian poll and they fit in perfectly!  Happy voting!

This poll will be open until March 11th, 11:59pm EST!
Voting Unlimited!



Anonymous asked:

This awesome mash-up belongs on a t-shirt! What about putting it up on tee-fury for a day?

Sorry, greyface, what…mashup might you be referring to?  :3

“With all due respect, that was grade-A stupid. I mean, what if the guy would have gone for it? I mean, what if he would have just blown your brains all over the place? What if he… What’s that?”

“Energy cap. I palmed it when I shoved the gun in his pocket.”

“You are going to give me an ulcer.”

“Okay, okay, next time I’ll give him a live gun. You really do want that promotion, don’t you?”

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